#TransBillNH Signature Watch: A Quick Update on the Process

A quick update on the timeline for Governor Sununu signing HB 1319.

First off, he is still 100% committed to signing the bill, but getting it to his desk officially can take some time.

Here’s what happens: Before HB 1319 can get anywhere near the Governor’s desk, it goes to the Secretary of State’s office for verification, where it can stay for an indefinite period. It then has to be signed by leaders of both the House and Senate.

This is a slow, formal process—but you can keep the drumbeat of excitement up by sending a thank-you message to the Governor now for his quick commitment to signing HB 1319.

We’ve heard that the Secretary of State has signed off and HB 1319 is with the legislature for signatures, but it’s still just a waiting game.

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What’s Next for #TransBillNH: Send Your Thanks to Lawmakers & Governor Sununu

May 17, 2018 by admin

Now that HB 1319 is through the Senate, we’re closer than we’ve ever been to ensuring state law explicitly protects transgender Granite Staters from discrimination in housing, employment and public places like restaurants and hospitals.

That Senate vote was the biggest political hurdle HB 1319 has faced, and we wouldn’t have cleared it without transgender people bravely sharing—and allies lifting up—their stories.

But it also required our senators to show real political courage. Some weren’t initially with us, but they listened to us with open hearts and minds, and made the right choice: To stand on the side of freedom and fairness.

When our lawmakers stand on the right side of history, it’s important to say thanks. Send a short personal message of thanks to the 14 senators who voted to pass HB 1319. Then, follow it up with a quick message to Governor Sununu, thanking him for his promise to sign HB 1319.

Saying thanks is especially crucial right now, because there’s still one thing that has to happen before HB 1319 becomes law: Governor Chris Sununu has to sign it.

After the vote, he made it clear immediately that he plans to, but that hasn’t stopped our opponents from calling, emailing and tweeting at him daily with the hope that their misinformation will scare him away from signing HB 1319.

Showing our lawmakers that we’ll have their backs when they do the right thing sends a signal to Governor Sununu that he can win our thanks too—by signing HB 1319 as soon as it hits his desk.


VICTORY: Senate Passes HB 1319; Governor Sununu Vows to Sign It

May 2, 2018 by admin

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the the New Hampshire Senate voted 14-10 to pass HB 1319! And moments later, Governor Sununu confirmed: He will sign the bill, making the state the 19th in the nation to provide comprehensive, LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections. 

Credit for this victory goes first to the transgender Granite Staters who bravely opened their lives to neighbors and lawmakers, who shared their stories with the hope of building understanding even as doing so put them at risk of harassment and discrimination.

Today’s victory is also the result of years that our allies in the business, faith, civil rights and public safety communities have spent laying legislative groundwork. And last but not least we recognize the lawmakers who voted for freedom this year, last year, and in years before.  

HB 1319’s long legislative path has included recommendations from three committees—including the House Judiciary this year and HHS in 2017—and an “ought to pass” vote of 195-129 from the House of Representatives on March 7, 2018.   

There is still one more thing we have to do before we can mount a full-scale celebration: Ensure Governor Sununu signs HB 1319 into law.

Earlier this year, Governor Sununu told reporters he was “inclined” to support the bill. And he mentioned protecting transgender people from discrimination as a motivation for creating the new Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

But we saw in the Senate Judiciary Committee how much damage our opponents can do with their lies, and we have to make sure they don’t influence the Governor’s decision.

Help ensure the Governor signs HB 1319 swiftly: Send a quick thank-you to the senators who voted for freedom today—and then send a message to Gov. Sununu urging him to sign HB 1319 ASAP!