Ban on Transgender Troops Moves from Reckless Twitter Announcement to Pentagon Policy August 26, 2017

Last night, President Trump officially moved to put his reckless Twitter announcement into practice and ban transgender Americans from serving in the US Military.

This is an absolutely devastating development for transgender service members and their families. It’s the latest in a slew of devastating, anti-transgender attacks from the Trump Administration—attacks that just keep coming.

That means New Hampshire’s members of Congress need to step up. As the Pentagon gears up to implement this policy in six months, every single lawmaker in Washington D.C. must speak out forcefully and in support of our transgender troops!

Send a message to your members of Congress: Tell them to take action to protect transgender service members now.

The sad truth is, the anti-transgender forces behind today’s shameful policy change are determined to roll back every single federal non-discrimination protection for transgender Americans that we’ve fought for.

First, they reversed federal guidelines affirming protections for transgender students. Now, they’re threatening the livelihood of thousands of transgender heroes.

And trust me, they won’t stop there—because this is about so much more than just the military. Those working against transgender freedom at the federal level, and those who oppose #TransBillNH, have one goal: Make it harder for transgender people to participate in public life.

There has NEVER been a more urgent moment for members of Congress to speak up and take action—the lives and livelihoods of transgender service members are on the line.