BIA, State’s Top Business Advocacy Group, Makes the Case for #TransBillNH on Behalf of Transgender Employees March 7, 2017

Statewide non-discrimination protections for transgender Granite Staters are badly needed for the state’s transgender employees, according to the Business and Industry Association (BIA), New Hampshire’s premier business advocacy organization.

Dave Juvet, Senior Vice President of the BIA, officially endorsed #TransBillNH (HB 478), during the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs (HHS) Committee meeting two weeks ago. In his statement, he made a passionate plea for the workplace rights of transgender people:

WATCH the BIA’s endorsement:

Juvet also said that many members of the BIA have transgender employees currently and that they need guidance from the state on this issue. He also made clear that BIA members value their transgender employees, and that they are entitled to the same non-discrimination protections as other employees, which they currently lack.

“These are very valuable citizens, they are valuable employees. They deserve to have the same civil and human rights that are extended to everyone else.”

Charlotte Stevens, an attorney who advises the BIA on employment issues, also spoke in favor of #TransBillNH, noting that it would bring New Hampshire state law in line with that of its neighbors.

Beyond a doubt, laws like TransBillNH make good business sense. More workers than ever want to work and live in states with robust non-discrimination protections. In fact, 7-in-10 Americans support laws that protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination. That support is highest among millennials, which is currently the largest generation in the workforce.

Simply put, #TransBillNH will help companies attract the best and brightest workers to the state. Lawmakers will be voting tomorrow on whether or not to advance this critical bill—make sure they hear from you. Click here to rush a message to lawmakers and urge them to do what’s right for New Hampshire workers and pass #TransBillNH.