Decisive House Vote on #TransBillNH Scheduled for March 8th or 9th March 3, 2017

The New Hampshire House of Representatives will officially consider and vote on #TransBillNH (HB 478) next week, with a vote expected late Wednesday March 8th or early Thursday March 9th.

This legislation seeks to add “gender identity” to the list of classes protected from discrimination under long-standing state laws. Next week’s decisive vote will be critical to deciding the fate of the bill.

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#TransBillNH needs a majority up vote to pass in the 400+ member chamber. Thereafter, the bill must be heard in a Senate committee before receiving a full Senate vote.

In addition to a straight up – down (pass/fail) vote, there are several scenarios that could play out during next week’s vote. Lawmakers have proposed amendments to #TransBillNH, which could be approved by vote. Lawmakers could also move to table the bill, delaying the vote and effectively killing any chance that the legislation could pass in 2017.

The public is welcome to attend the House vote but public testimony will not be heard. The vote will happen in the full House chambers at the State House, which has ample public seating. Lawmakers will debate #TransBillNH before voting. The bill is scheduled to be considered as early as Wednesday evening, but proceedings could be picked up Thursday morning.

While proponents of #TransBillNH outnumbered opponents 7 to 1 at the committee hearing last week, anti-transgender opposition forces have kicked into high gear in advance of the full House vote.

Now, the race to advance legislation to protect transgender Granite Staters from discrimination is in the homestretch—and lawmakers need to hear from you.

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