New Hampshire Businesses for Freedom

Businesses know that if New Hampshire is going to compete in the U.S. and global markets, it must invest in its reputation as an open and welcoming place to do business—and that means updating state non-discrimination laws to protect transgender residents and workers from discrimination.

If you own a business in New Hampshire, sign onto the New Hampshire Businesses for Freedom pledge by filling out the form below.

The Business and Industry Association is committed to promoting a thriving and healthy economy in New Hampshire. Job creators are looking to move to areas where their employees, customers and families can live and work without having to fear discrimination. By passing explicit nondiscrimination protections for transgender people, we can assure business leaders and workers alike that New Hampshire is a safe and welcoming state for everyone. Dave Juvet (Senior Vice President of Public Policy) Business and Industry Association
Ensuring that all people can experience protection in employment, housing and public accommodations is essential to addressing health care disparities. It’s critically important that all New Hampshire citizens live lives free from discrimination and harassment in health settings and everywhere. Harvard Pilgrim is proud to join Freedom New Hampshire and participate in work to ensure that transgender people have access to the same quality of life and access to healthcare as the rest of the citizens of New Hampshire. William Brewster (VP – New Hampshire Market) & Karen Young (VP & Chief Inclusion Officer) Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Transgender discrimination does take place and discrimination of any type is bad for business. Updating our state's non-discrimination law will help New Hampshire employers draw the best workers by ensuring people are judged on their experience and qualification and nothing more. Joseph Reilly (New Hampshire Regional President) Eastern Bank
The individuals that make up the Board of Directors of the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce are unanimously against discrimination in any form which includes transgender discrimination. The Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Mount Washington Valley
Everyone wins when we’re all treated fairly under the law, and our diversity is not disrupted by unfair treatment at work, home or in public places. Teatotaller has found our greatest success in providing a place for employees' talents to shine, customers to feel safe, marginalized people to rise and for all of us to be validated in our larger community. Palana Belken (manager, 'Her Majesty') Teatotaller

New Hampshire Businesses Pledge

As signers of the New Hampshire Businesses for Freedom pledge, we are committed to promoting a competitive, economically vibrant New Hampshire.

We believe that treating everyone equally under the law is critical to maintaining New Hampshire’s reputation as a robust destination for highly trained and educated investors, employees, families, innovators, artists, tourists and job creators. But currently in New Hampshire there are no explicit statewide protections for transgender people in employment, housing and public places.

We support policies that welcome and protect everyone in the Granite State, regardless of their race, skin color, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

It's time to invest in the long-term sustainability of our state's economy by updating our non-discrimination protections to include our transgender customers, workforce, and their families in housing, employment, and public places under the New Hampshire Law Against Discrimination. That's why I/we are signing onto NH Businesses for Freedom in support of transgender non-discrimination.