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Support for updating New Hampshire's Law Against Discrimination to explicitly protect transgender people from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations is growing every day—as evidenced by the number of editorial boards across the state that are endorsing HB 1319.

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"There should be no real debate here in terms of whether gender identity is a worthy inclusion in the statute. No one ought to face ridicule, embarrassment or worse because of a very personal issue that, in many cases, may already have been a private struggle. ... House Bill 1319 deserves support." The Keene Sentinel • Read the Endorsement
"The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey provides guidance on why such a change is necessary. Of the 225 transgender people in New Hampshire who responded to the survey, 15 percent said they had lost a job because of their gender identity or expression. ... As New Hampshire once again debates this important issue, we hope that all involved take the time to listen to those with whom they disagree and that logic overrides fear." Concord Monitor • Read the Endorsement
"[Transgender residents] are not asking for more protection, just equal protection under the law. As the bill makes its way through the Legislature we urge a civil debate that is fact-based, compassionate and free from inflammatory stereotypes and exaggerations. If this happens we feel certain the state will vote to protect people from discrimination based on gender identity." Portsmouth Herald • Read the Endorsement