Freedom New Hampshire statement on 2017 legislative session June 30, 2017

Owen Loftus | [email protected] | 719-406-6564

Concord, N.H. — The New Hampshire General Court is expected to adjourn today. Linds Jakows, Campaign Manager for Freedom New Hampshire, released the following statement regarding the 2017 legislative session:

“Earlier this year, lawmakers in the House of Representatives fumbled an historic opportunity to secure nondiscrimination protections for transgender Granite Staters in housing, employment and public services. While we are disappointed that a small majority of members of the House refused to even discuss House Bill 478, we are proud of the broad, bipartisan coalition that came together to support this bill.

“If there is one thing we learned this year, it’s that lawmakers who met and heard from their transgender constituents were more likely to support updating current laws to explicitly protect transgender individuals and their families from discrimination. Freedom New Hampshire and our faith, public safety and business allies are committed to raising the voices of our transgender neighbors, family members, coworkers and friends so that we can successfully secure these desperately needed protections.”