Keene Becomes Twelfth New Hampshire City to Pass Transgender Non-Discrimination Policies April 21, 2017

Last night the Keene City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution extending local non-discrimination protections to transgender city workers.

The resolution also serves a formal endorsement of #TransBillNH and sends a strong message to state lawmakers that it’s time to take action to advance non-discrimination protections for transgender people across the state. Keene follows in the footsteps of Lebanon, and ten other cities that have advanced transgender-inclusive policies.

Dozens of #TransBillNH supporters RSVP’ed to attend last night’s city council meeting to show support for the non-discrimination resolution and urge its passage.

Now, transgender people who have devoted their lives to public service will be able to live and work without the fear that they will be fired or denied a promotion just because of their gender identity.

Local transgender-inclusive non-discrimination laws are increasingly important as New Hampshire remains the only state in the northeast without statewide protections on the basis of gender identity.

“This is an important resolution, it’s important to remember that not everyone in New Hampshire is free to be who they are.” –Linds Jakows, Campaign Manager Freedom New Hampshire

While Freedom New Hampshire applauds Keene for taking the step to ensure local transgender city workers are guaranteed fair and equal treatment on the job—ultimately, a patchwork of protections leave too many transgender people vulnerable to discrimination; and it creates confusion for businesses, law enforcement, and other officials who are charged with implementing and navigating a web of conflicting laws.

Campaign Manager Linds Jakows said: “The fact is that every employee should be judged based on their quality of work, not on their gender identity. While this is an important resolution, it’s important to remember that not everyone in New Hampshire is free to be who they are.”

Freedom New Hampshire will continue to fight at the local and state level until New Hampshire passes #TransBillNH to join all other states in the northeast in protecting transgender people from discrimination in housing, employments, and public places.

For now, congratulations to Keene for striking out as a leader for freedom and equality of opportunity—and to the transgender people working with the city who can now live free of the fear of discrimination.