Lebanon City Council Votes Unanimously to Pass a City Resolution Protecting Transgender Municipal Employees April 6, 2017

On Wednesday, April 5th the Lebanon City Council was scheduled to consider a resolution that would add “gender identity” to the list of classes protected under the city’s anti-harassment laws.

The resolution also serves as an official endorsement of #TransBillNH (HB 478), legislation that stalled in the New Hampshire Legislature earlier this year, and seeks to update statewide non-discrimination laws to protect transgender people in housing, employment, and public places.

Yesterday evening, the Lebanon City Council passed the transgender non-discrimination resolution by unanimous vote.

Freedom New Hampshire Campaign Manager Linds Jakows applauded the resolution’s passage and called local protections necessary in the absence of a statewide law: “City-based resolutions like this one can be one more step on the path to extending critically needed protections to all transgender people and their families. Such resolutions also testify to the fact that the vast majority of Granite Staters believe that everyone should be protected from discrimination.”

Freeodom New Hampshire helped rally the many supporters who attended the Lebanon City Council meeting to show support for protecting transgender city workers from discrimination. No one testified in opposition to the resolution.

Now, the city’s anti-harassment policy—which already bans physical, verbal or visual discrimination of city workers based on a variety of classes, including race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and disability status, among others—will also cover “gender identity.”

This is an important victory for transgender municipal employees in Lebanon, who can go to work confident now, and free of the fear that they might be fired or denied a promotion just because of who they are.

“City-based resolutions like this one can be one more step on the path to extending critically needed protections to all transgender people and their families.” – Linds Jakows, Campaign Manager Freedom New Hampshire

It’s also a win for the city of Lebanon at large. Valley News reported that residents of the city already consider fairness, freedom, and non-discrimination to be core to who they are. The unanimous passage of this resolution brings the city laws in line with the values of its people.

And lastly, the passage of the citywide resolution shows that public support for transgender non-discrimination laws is growing. As more cities join Lebanon in protecting their transgender workers, momentum will continue to grow in support of a statewide law like #TransBillNH that ensures every single transgender person who lives and works in the Granite State can live freely and fully without the threat of discrimination.