Manchester Alderman Approves Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Policies, 10 – 2 October 19, 2016

Yesterday, Manchester voted by an overwhelming majority to extend transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage to city employees and their families.


Healthcare access is essential to living happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. The 10 to 2 vote ensures that transgender employees and their families will have access to medically necessary health care, just like other city employees.

Our own campaign manager, JeanMarie Gossard, lauds the vote, saying, “This is an important development for the transgender community in Manchester. Policies like the one adopted in Manchester are similar to what businesses and companies across the country have adopted, which help ensure that they can attract and retain the best employees possible.”

Ultimately, transgender equality is about affirming the dignity of transgender people. No one should be discriminated against and excluded from healthcare services just because of who they are.

Manchester’s new inclusive healthcare policy removes a significant barrier that prohibited transgender city workers from fully participating in public life. And the strong municipal support for this policy is just mounting evidence of growing statewide support for the fair and equal treatment of transgender people in all areas of life.

But there’s still a lot to do before transgender Granite Staters will be fully fair and equal under the law, says Gossard: “While Manchester’s new transgender inclusive health policy is important, we must also remember that New Hampshire does not have explicit laws protecting Granite Staters from discrimination based on their gender identity.”

This has got to change. Take a stand for full transgender equality under the law and click here to sign our pledge today.