Meredith, NH Man is Speaking Out So Transgender Youth Know They Are Not Alone April 3, 2018

Max Marrone has never spoken out before about being transgender, because he was afraid of being retaliated against at work. But Max has worked with children for several years, including in positions which required ensuring their safety and wellbeing, so he feels he has to start speaking out for their sake.

Transgender youth desperately need HB 1319, Max says. No young person should have to try and establish themselves as an adult while struggling to find a job or place to live because of anti-transgender discrimination.

“It is simply tragic that well adjusted, community minded, working professionals have to struggle with the fear of losing their job or being unable to get another one. We should be allowing people a fair opportunity for professional development, and promoting an overall healthier community.” —Max Marrone, Meredith

Max knows well this discrimination in real. He has rarely come out publicly because of the sometimes violent ways people have reacted when they learn he is transgender. Max has also experienced workplace discrimination in other states—which drove him to keep quiet about his identity when he moved to New Hampshire.

But Max says transgender youth are counting on adults to raise their voices.

“We are setting the next generation up for failure,” he says. “With the current conditions, ‘making it’ as an adult when you’re a transgender adolescent is a blur of pain and struggle.”