Momentum Heading Into Hearing Week: An Open Letter from #TransBillNH Co-Sponsor & GOP Rep. Erin Hennessey January 30, 2018

This year, a record number of lawmakers have stepped up to support #TransBillNH (HB 1319).

Now, #TransBillNH faces a make-or-break hearing in the Judiciary Committee this week, which is why the bill’s supporters are speaking out louder than ever before. And today, one of HB 1319’s most prominent co-sponsors, Rep. Erin Hennessey, released a letter urging her colleagues to support these long-overdue protections.

Read the full letter below:

I was disappointed last year when 187 of my colleagues voted to table #TransBillNH — including too many of my fellow Republicans.

Protecting transgender Granite Staters from discrimination is an issue that bridges the partisan divide, and this year we’re seeing that, as more and more Republicans are signing on to co-sponsor HB 1319, including some who voted to table last year’s bill.

As someone who supported #TransBillNH last year, and is co-sponsoring it this year, I’m glad that more of my colleagues are seeing it like I do: Simply put, it’s about ensuring fairness and freedom from discrimination for our transgender constituents.

This Wednesday, January 31, HB 1319 will face a critical hearing in the Judiciary Committee, and I’m confident lawmakers will hear that message of fairness. 

I’m supporting #TransBillNH because one of my core beliefs is that all people are created equal, and deserve to be treated that way. It’s also about being a good role model for my children, and showing them that the people of New Hampshire value fairness.

That’s my mission as a lawmaker: To ensure our laws treat people fairly.

Right now, they don’t. Our Law Against Discrimination does not protect transgender people the way it protects me and other Granite Staters, leaving them more likely to be fired from a job, evicted from their home, and harassed in public places like shops and hospitals, just because of who they are.

That’s just wrong — and our transgender friends and neighbors are counting on us to make it right. Speak up now: Sign the pledge of support for #TransBillNH.

Thank you,

Rep. Erin Hennessey
Grafton, District 1