NH Lawmakers Lift Prohibition on Medicaid Coverage for Gender Affirmation Care October 19, 2017

Today, members of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules voted in favor of lifting the New Hampshire Medicaid program’s prohibition on covering gender affirmation surgery.

That means no longer will transgender Medicaid patients have their access to essential care dictated by a discriminatory government policy. Instead, those medical decisions can be made between patients and doctors, not by politicians.

Today’s meeting was the final step in a process that started last month, when the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) signed off on this change.

This is a big victory for transgender Granite Staters, and we’re celebrating. But not only is this a victory for today—it’s the burst of momentum we need right as lawmakers are meeting to discuss their legislative plans for the next session.

Removing this discriminatory Medicaid rule was simply a question of freedom and fairness. Transgender Granite Staters should have the freedom to make their own personal medical decisions, and laws and rules should treat everyone fairly.

That’s the argument we made today, and a majority of lawmakers agreed. And that’s exactly why we need to pass #TransBillNH: New Hampshire law must treat transgender people fairly, and that means protecting transgender people from discrimination.