Rochester School Board adopts transgender, gender non-conforming policy October 17, 2016

Owen Loftus | [email protected] | 719-406-6564

CONCORD, N.H. — On Thursday, the Rochester School Board joined 15 other New Hampshire school districts in approving a policy protecting transgender and gender non-conforming students from discrimination.

Amongst other things, the new policy requires schools to:

  • Address students by the names and pronouns that are consistent with their gender identity;
  • Permit students to wear clothing consistent with their gender identity;
  • Allow students to use the restroom and other facilities that match their gender identity, or, if requested by student, provide separate accommodations;
  • And authorize transgender and gender non-conforming students to participate in sports and other gender segregated activities that correspond to their gender identity.

Other school districts in New Hampshire that have adopted similar policies include Oyster River School District, Hampton School District, and Concord School District.

“Every student deserves the right to receive an education and participate in extracurricular activities without being discriminated against, including transgender and gender non-conforming students, ” said JeanMarie Gossard, campaign manager for Freedom New Hampshire.

The new policy puts Rochester Schools in line with a directive from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, which affirm transgender students protections under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. The guidance is now being reviewed by federal courts.

“As Granite Staters come to know transgender people and understand what it means to be transgender, momentum is building across New Hampshire to ensure their equal treatment. We at Freedom New Hampshire hope even more schools will follow suit,” Gossard added.