Say ‘Thanks’ to the 179 Lawmakers Who Chose Not to Table #TransBillMA During This Month’s Momentous House Vote March 23, 2017

It’s been nearly two weeks since the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to table #TransBillNH, ending the chance that transgender non-discrimination protections would become the law of the land during the 2017 legislative session.

But although we did not succeed in passing #TransBillNH this year, the future of this legislation and our movement is strong.

Over the last several months, we’ve racked up endorsements from some of New Hampshire’s leading business and public policy organizations, turned out thousands of grassroots advocates, and garnered the support of 179 representatives who voted not to table #TransBillNH.


Freedom New Hampshire would like to extend a big show of thanks to these 179 members, who showed true political courage when they voted to give #TransBillNH the fair hearing it deserved. Not only did their vote show a commitment to a democratic, solutions-oriented legislative process; it sent a message to transgender people across the Granite State: We see you and we respect you.

The 179 lawmakers who voted not to table #TransBillNH recognized how life-changing it would be for transgender Granite Staters—who frequently face discrimination and harassment because of their gender identity—to finally be protected under the law in the state they call home.

And they heeded the sound, practical advice of the Business and Industry Association, the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, who testified that #TransBillNH is necessary to keep our communities safe and our economy strong.

Throughout this campaign, transgender Granite Staters have bravely shared their stories time and again—calling, writing letters and testifying before lawmakers. These 179 votes show that these efforts were not in vain. One-on-one contact between lawmakers and constituents can drive broad support, and will be critical in the fight to pass #TransBillNH down the  road.

Because this legislative session marks the beginning, not the end, of a renewed push to pass #TransBillNH, we’re asking supporters to send a message thanking lawmakers who voted not to table the legislation, and encouraging lawmakers who did vote to table to reconsider the reasons #TransBillNH is so important.

Click here to find your lawmaker and send them a message now.