#TransBillNH TABLED: Call Your Representatives March 9, 2017

UPDATE: House members just voted 187 – 179 to table #TransBillNH. As long as it is on the table, the bill cannot be debated or get a vote.

The House is in session for the remainder of the day Thursday. And the opportunity to take the bill off the table—and to hear the stories and reasons for why #TransBillNH is so critically needed—remains until the House adjourns.

Scroll down to find script, tips, and information on how to search your Representative’s phone number—then call your Rep and urge them to take #TransBillNH off the table, give it the debate it deserves, and vote to pass transgender protections.

The most effective way to change the hearts and minds of lawmakers is to have a conversation.

With only 3 days until a decisive House vote on #TransBillNH—legislation that would update NH state non-discrimination laws to ensure transgender people are protected in housing, employment, and public places—it’s time for grassroots supporters to pick up the phone, call their Representatives, and urge House members to support #TransBillNH.

Click here to search for your Representatives by town, district, or county. And then click on their hyperlinked names to find their direct phone line.

Most importantly: Callers should note that they are from the Rep’s district and that they are calling to urge their Representatives to take HB 478 of the table and give it a vote. Here is a script for additional talking points:

– Hello Representative ____.

– My name is ____ and I live in your district. I am calling to urge you to support HB 478—and take this bill off the table today.

– HB 478 received 4 hours of robust debate in the HHS Committee and was ultimately recommended “ought to pass” by a strong, bipartisan 15-2 vote.

– I urge you to give this bill the same consideration and debate, to hear the stories and reasons for why we need to take action to protect our transgender neighbors and friends from discrimination.

– People’s lives are on the line and they deserve—at the very minimum—a fair and open debate for their welfare and safety.

– I hope that today you will do the democratic thing and take HB 478 off the table. This bill is about liberty and opportunity and it should receive a vote.

At this point in the game this is about calling, calling, and calling again. Every single day between now and Wednesday—when the House is expected to vote on #TransBillNH—we need to be generating as many phone calls as possible in support of #TransBillNH to be sure that when House members cast their vote, they vote OTP (“ought to pass”).

After you’ve called your Representatives, help us build a groundswell grassroots momentum and click here to invite your friends to call their Reps, too.

Then, email [email protected] to let us know how your conversation with your Representatives went, and if they plan to vote OTP on #TransBillNH!