The Next Phase of Our Campaign to Pass #TransBillNH: House Parties April 12, 2017

In the weeks since #TransBillNH was tabled for the year, advocates for this bill have been assessing what grassroots tactics worked well this year, and what we need to do going forward to grow support for transgender non-discrimination protections.

One of the most important tools in our toolbox is our volunteers—specifically, volunteers who are willing to share their personal stories of discrimination, or other experiences that have led them to support full transgender equality.

During this year’s push to pass #TransBillNH, many transgender Granite Staters and allies stood up to tell these stories, first at February’s lunch with lawmakers and then at the packed Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee hearing, after which lawmakers recommended the bill for passage 15–2.

But we know that some state lawmakers never got a chance to hear the experiences of transgender people and their real accounts of discrimination at either of these events. That’s why our next step in building support for #TransBillNH is inviting lawmakers to attend house parties in cities and towns across New Hampshire.

That way, lawmakers who are undecided on #TransBillNH can meet—in person—with transgender constituents and their families, coworkers, and friends, allowing them to better understand the need for a law that protects transgender Granite Staters and their loved ones from discrimination.

Right now, we know that hundreds of lawmakers support extending non-discrimination protections to transgender Granite Staters under state law.

But the bottom line is: We need a majority of lawmakers on our side to pass #TransBillNH. That’s what these house parties will achieve.

Click here to let us know you can host or attend a house party in the coming weeks and we will follow up with more information shortly.