This weekend Freedom New Hampshire Holds First-Ever Healthcare Summit Focusing on Transgender Issues November 15, 2016

When it comes to healthcare, transgender people face unique and specific barriers. From navigating insurance plans, to finding compassionate, experienced providers, to coping with transition-related health issues—transgender patients must hurdle a range of obstacles that other people often don’t have to think about.


That’s why this weekend, Freedom New Hampshire is partnering with leaders in health, legal experts, school administrators, and community advocates to host TRANSforming NH Healthcare Summit—a one-of-a-kind 5-session event dedicated to discussing transgender specific health issues and ensuring health professionals, schools administrators have the tools they need to provide compassionate care.

The #TransHealthSummit the Granite State’s first-ever statewide healthcare gathering dedicated solely to the issues and challenges facing New Hampshire’s transgender community. With over 200 attendees confirmed, registration to the event is now closed.

This premier convening of transgender Granite States and leaders in the fields of health, law, advocacy and education is designed to provide attendees with a safer space to ask questions, and get answers; and to share information about improving access, transparency and cooperation around the healthcare practice and policies affecting transgender people.

JeanMarie Gossard, campaign manager for Freedom New Hampshire, said the events like these are critical for helping transgender people navigate the healthcare system.

“Our goal is to connect people to resources and broaden the understanding that offering inclusive healthcare practices and policies is not optional, whether at a hospital, school, or anywhere within our nation’s complex healthcare system. This summit is a safer space to talk about healthcare experiences from the perspectives of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, their friends, families and allies.”

The day-long event will be broken down into sessions that include: Assessing Trans-Friendly Healthcare; Building Respectful NH Schools; a “Know Your Rights” workshop sponsored by GLAD; Navigating Coverage, focusing on health insurance; and storysharing workshops for sharing transgender and gender-nonconforming healthcare experiences.

The keynote speaker is Mara Keisling, founding executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equity (NCTE), a national social justice advocacy organization that has won life-saving change for transgender people. Since founding the NCTE in 2003, Keisling has helped including the inclusion of gender identity in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the scheduling of the first-ever Congressional hearing on transgender issues.

The #TransHealthSummit will take place this Saturday, November 19, from 8:30 to 4:30. After high response rates, registration to the event has now been closed.