This Year’s Transgender Day of Visibility Will Celebrate the Transgender Granite Staters Who Are Working Hard to Pass #TransBillNH March 21, 2018

Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), celebrated annually on March 31, is taking on new importance in New Hampshire this year as transgender Granite Staters use it as an opportunity to prepare to pass HB 1319 though the Senate.

Advocates for updating state law to explicitly protect transgender Granite Staters from discrimination in housing, employment and public places like restaurants—which HB 1319 would do if enacted—are also celebrating its recent passage through the House of Representatives.

For nearly a decade, TDOV has been an opportunity for transgender people around the world to build community and celebrate achievements. The push to pass HB 1319 fits right in to this purpose, as it’s the dozens of transgender people who shared their stories online, in their communities and with lawmakers who are largely to thank for the bill’s success this year.

For TDOV this year, we have to keep showing our fellow Granite Staters we’re proud of who we are, and that we’ll never back down from claiming the freedom and respect we deserve. That’s why we’re inviting transgender Granite Staters to participate in TDOV with Freedom New Hampshire this year in two ways:

Being visible is more important than ever. Our opposition’s efforts to spread lies about transgender people has gotten more intense. And we’re looking at another tough committee assignment, this time in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We need to counter these lies with the truth about who we are — to show lawmakers and our fellow Granite Staters that transgender Granite Staters are simply trying to live free, just as they are.