#TransBillNH Signature Watch: A Quick Update on the Process May 23, 2018

A quick update on the timeline for Governor Sununu signing HB 1319.

First off, he is still 100% committed to signing the bill, but getting it to his desk officially can take some time.

Here’s what happens: Before HB 1319 can get anywhere near the Governor’s desk, it goes to the Secretary of State’s office for verification, where it can stay for an indefinite period. It then has to be signed by leaders of both the House and Senate.

This is a slow, formal process—but you can keep the drumbeat of excitement up by sending a thank-you message to the Governor now for his quick commitment to signing HB 1319.

We’ve heard that the Secretary of State has signed off and HB 1319 is with the legislature for signatures, but it’s still just a waiting game.

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