Transgender Teen to NH Lawmakers: Pass #TransBillNH to give people like me a fair shot at success March 1, 2017

At the public committee hearing on #TransBillNH a last week, a handful of transgender teens testified in support of the non-discrimination legislation—and they stole the show.

One of those teenagers was Sarah Huckman, a 16 year old with big dreams and a lot of ambition. Today, she partnered with us to get the message out: Transgender people like her deserve fair and equal protections under the law. Watch her testimony live here:

Stand with Sarah and contact your Representatives now urging them to give #TransBillNH an up vote to advance it to the Senate.

And read her email below.

My name is Sarah Huckman. I’m 16 years old and attend Kingswood Regional High School where I run cross country. I also happen to be transgender.

This means that—even though I was born in a boy’s body—in my heart and in my mind I’ve always been a girl. This is not a choice. It’s just who I am.

In two years I will graduate high school. After that, I plan on going to college, getting a job, and living in an apartment. But right now, in New Hampshire, there are no laws to protect me from discrimination because I’m transgender.

I have big goals and I believe I deserve the same opportunity as my peers to pursue those goals without the threat of discrimination. That’s why I support #TransBillNH (HB 478). And today, I’m writing you to ask you to support this bill, too.

Take action with Freedom New Hampshire and tell your lawmakers you support #TransBillNH to give transgender young people like me a fair shot at achieving our dreams.

Even though #TransBillNH does not cover schools, it is important for ensuring that transgender adults—and young people like me growing up in New Hampshire—can get a job, find housing, and participate fully in everyday life.

Because separate is not equal. I had to learn that the hard way.

Ever since I came out as transgender in 7th grade my family, friends, teachers, church members and neighbors have been very accepting of my gender identity and who I am. But the school board—not so much.

The school board said I had to use a restroom that was segregated from the rest of my classmates, which was all the way across the middle school. I was being singled-out and treated differently just because of who I am, and we know from our country’s history that this just isn’t right.

Eventually, my family and I worked with the school to allow me to use the girl’s restroom with the rest of the girls. But no transgender young person or adult should face discrimination or be treated differently just because we’re transgender.

That’s why I’m sharing my story to urge lawmakers to pass #TransBillNH. Will you stand with me and voice your support for this important legislation? Click here to message your lawmakers now.

We all just want a fair shot at success, just like everyone else. Thanks for supporting me and all other transgender people across our great state.

Sarah Huckman for Freedom New Hampshire

PS. If you want to learn more about my story you can click here to read more.