Transgender Woman Needs #TransBillNH So She Can Live & Work in the State She Loves March 5, 2018

Stephanie Cawley of Center Conway has called New Hampshire home for 31 years, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She loves New Hampshire’s strong culture of freedom and independence, and says the state’s natural beauty is unparalleled.    

Which is why it upsets her that she has to work in Maine just so she can do her job as a healthcare professional without worrying about being discriminated against. You see, Maine law says you can’t discriminate against someone because they’re transgender, meaning that Stephanie is protected from discrimination at her job, even if she isn’t when she comes home at night.

In New Hampshire she can be fired, denied housing, or refused service in public spaces just because of who she is.

Representatives can take a big step toward changing that this week, by advancing HB 1319—which would update New Hampshire’s Law Against Discrimination to protect transgender people.

Unfortunately, some representatives are wavering in their support HB 1319 because of misinformation opponents are spreading. Their most disgusting talking point targets transgender women like Stephanie, saying that they’re predators in disguise who will misuse the law to harm people in bathrooms.

That’s just fearmongering—and organizations that are dedicated to public safety, and women and girls’ safety, have said as much. The New Hampshire Chiefs of Police and the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation support HB 1319, saying clearly that updating our non-discrimination law to protect transgender people will ensure that women, girls and all Granite Staters are safer.

Representatives need to hear this truth about HB 1319 ASAP, before they vote on it later this week.

Rush a message to your representatives now that makes it clear: The Granite State must protect transgender people from discrimination by passing HB 1319.