Discrimination has no place in New Hampshire. But transgender Granite Staters still lack explicit protections from discrimination under state law. That’s why transgender people and their families are joining with top businesses, faith leaders, law enforcement, and community advocates to tell their stories and make the case for transgender non-discrimination protections. Because “live free” must mean free from discrimination. Watch their stories.

The Business and Industry Association (BIA) Endorses HB 478

Dave Juvet, Senior Vice President of the BIA, speaks in support of #TransBillNH and the value that transgender Granite Staters add to their workplaces and communities: "These are very valuable citizens, they are valuable employees. They deserve to have the same civil and human rights that are extended to everyone else."

Gerri Cannon: Without #TransBillNH, New Hampshire doesn't measure up

Gerri Cannon is a transgender woman and advocate who has experienced employment discrimination first-hand because of her gender identity. She warns that, without #TransBillNH, New Hampshire just isn't as attractive a place to work, study, start a business, and settle down as other neighboring states in the northeast—all of which have transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections.

The NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Endorses HB 478

Transgender people are disproportionately victims of harassment and assault. Here, Jessica Eskeland of the NHCADSV testifies in support of #TransBillNH because it would "provide advocates the tools they need to adequately respond to the needs of victims" and help remove barriers to finding housing and employment for transgender people, especially those seeking to leave abusive and threatening relationships.

Transgender teenager talks about why she needs #TransBillNH

Sarah Huckman is a 16 year old transgender teenager with big dreams. In her powerful testimony on #TransBillNH she shares her aspirations, and her fears that discrimination could stop her from achieving her goals: "After high school, I plan on going to college, getting a job, and living in an apartment. But one thing that could get in the way is discrimination. Colleges, landlords and business owners could deny me entrance to school, not hire me for a job, and not let me rent an apartment simply because I'm transgender. I just want to be judged on the merits of my hard work. I want to live free."

NH Chiefs of Police Association Endorses HB 478

Dover Police Chief Anthony Colarusso testifies on behalf of the NH Chiefs of Police Association in support of #TransBillNH, saying it will increase public safety (not decrease it) and pointing to the 18 states and 200+ cities that have passed and implemented similar laws successfully.

Veteran Experiences Workplace Harassment Because of Gender Identity

A veteran and transgender resident of Nashua, Mason Pasche talks about the harrowing workplace harassment he experienced because of his gender identity, explaining to NH lawmakers how his coworkers exploited his sensitivity to noise and sudden movements (holdovers from his time in the service), sneaking up behind him and harassing him in attempts to get him to quit his job.

Episcopal Priest Urges Support for HB 478 out of Love for Transgender Niece

Jay McLeod, an episcopal priest, talks about his experience watching his transgender niece grow into her true identity and come out. He asks lawmakers to support #TransBillNH because he wants his niece to have the same chance at success as her twin brother. And because he believes it's what Jesus would do: "Supporting this bill is entirely consistent with my faith."

Transgender Dad Shares His Experience with Discrimination at the DMV

Kenzo Morris is a father, husband, New Hampshire resident and transgender man. He has experienced discrimination first-hand because of his gender identity. And he fears that his children will face similar harassment and discrimination because of who he is. He urges lawmakers to pass #TransBillNH to ensure he and his family can enjoy fair and equal protections under state law.