With Today’s Committee Hearing Over, Attention Turns Now to the Full Senate April 16, 2018

For more than 5 hours today, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from transgender people, their families, and allied groups across the state—but did not issue a final decision on whether or not it would recommend the bill for passage.

No matter what the Committee decides, HB 1319 still heads to the full Senate for a vote.

The Senate Judiciary committee hearing was standing room only as business leaders, healthcare experts, faith leaders, women’s safety advocates, and transgender people and their families shared their stories in support of HB 1319, ultimately running more than 3 hours over its allotted 2-hour timespan.

Committee members probed deeply for stories of discrimination—and had the opportunity to hear plenty from testifers:

The committee also focused heavily on safety issues, which is understandable. Safety and privacy are important for all of us. But as legal and public safety experts noted, 18 states and more than 200 localities have passed comprehensive non-discrimination laws that include protections for public spaces—with no uptick in public safety issues.

Granite Staters’ testimony before the committee today was a stark reminder of why we desperately need this law: Discrimination is happening every single day, and currently transgender people have no clear legal recourse in New Hampshire.

As the bill heads to the full Senate, we’re confident our senators will see that updating New Hampshire’s non-discrimination law to explicitly protect transgender people from being treated unfairly at work, in housing and in public places like restaurants and hospitals is simply the right thing to do.

The Senate Judiciary committee could vote on HB 1319 as soon as tomorrow, April 17th during executive session. The full Senate must vote on HB 1319 before May 3rd.

While we’re awaiting a full Senate vote, call your senator and urge them to recommend HB1319 “Ought to Pass.”